Thursday, January 05, 2006


The meeting was to discuss plans for 71 between 2244 (Bee caves Road) and 620. As such, there was no inclusion of our East entrance traffic light (possibility.)

One element that was especially interesting to see was the proposed bypass between 2244 and 620, which would go from approximately the Tire Store on 2244 to approximately Busters/VFW on 620. This bypass should help relieve the traffic at the intersections of 2244 and 620 at 71. It would include signals at both ends. I took some pictures of the map and if they are usable will post tomorrow.

That bypass will front the new shopping center to be built back there.

From tonight's meeting:

The proposed improvements (Summer 2006 to Spring 2007) on SH71 would include the addition of one through lane in each direction, deceleration lanes, turn lanes, a raised median from 620 to 2244, and correction of the vertical curve on 71 and 620 to meet the 45 mph design speed. One raised median opening on 71 is proposed within the project limits that would provide access to the central entrance drive to the Hill Country Galleria north of 71, and the central entrance drive to the Shops at the Galleria located south of 71. The raised median opening on 71 is roughly equidistant from 2244 and 620, and is located at a signalized intersection. Turn lane and shoulder additions are proposed on 620 and 2244. Additionally, curb and gutter would be added to 620 within the proposed project limits.

Above shows BOTH shopping centers if you look carefully, on the south (now) and north (soon) sides of 71 - Note the bypass toward the top of the north shopping center! It goes from 2244 to 620

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