Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lori Bales comments

SO has agreed to allow a resident on the board. Look for newsletter.

Although, most of our energy was put into voicing our frustrations... did you see what they had planned in regards to the swimming hole/pool. In 18 months, I feel certain that we are all going to be glad that we choose Spanish Oaks.

Security is a huge expense, please take the time to report on them. Let Pam know if you notice working hours not be adhered to, construction workers coming in through the resident gate, etc. Stop and tell the guard if someone is trying to slip in behind you. Let the guards know you are watching them. If you see one of them going above and beyond, report it. Let us not just become a bunch of complainers.

HOA is not paying for the landscape improvements, only the maintanence.

They are working on irrigation issues.

Hopefully with someone on the board we can be assured that the reserve is being used properly and not covering costs that should be developing costs.

They would not commit to a ceiling on the assessments. You have to give them credit for not giving us the answer we wanted -- I can assure you that 6 months ago we would have gotten an answer.

If you have a concern please let it be heard.

... Lori Bales

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AnthonyNadalin said...

Keep in mind they are only there for 1 reason, sales, they don't live in S.O. unlike the last.