Tuesday, January 17, 2006


If you have any, we would love to include them in letters to our state reps. Please e me at rwood24@Austin.rr.com and include them. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of funding a traffic safety engineer to provide a professional opinion of the current/future traffic flow issues and potential hazards of having at least 50% of the future Spanish Oaks residents utilizing the East Entrance?

Assuming at full Spanish Oaks build out, 175 homes with a couple of cars per home use the East Entrance each day. On an annual basis, and given the assumptions, you could have up to 127,750 departures and the same number of returns via the East Entrance (175 homes x 2 cars per home x 365 days x 2 out and in). Clearly, with 255,500 projected Hwy 71 transition "events", the area is not designed for that sort of activity!

We all realize it to be a very important matter as we do not want to wait for severe injury or the potential death of fellow neighbor to secure a safe transition for Spanish Oaks, onto Hwy 71.

An East Entrance solution may require securing additional land and moving the entrance up the hill where we can have a light to protect our Hwy 71 transition?