Monday, January 30, 2006


This is the Preserve - the one across 71, not the Barton Creek Preserve at the back of the east end of S.O.

From: Lori Bailes []


Early Friday evening, a white male in a car attempted to abduct Ben Savrick between Marilyn and Bill Stephens' house and John Borek's house on Texas Wildlife Trail. The man told Benjamin that his father had been injured and that Benjamin had to go with him. Ben knew this man was up to no good and shouted "No" to the man and ran home to tell his parents. Thank heavens Ben knew exactly what to do.


Comment: This was initially confusing due to the name-alike Barton Creek Preserve. Still, with the influx of small children into S.O. as new families join us, we all should be aware of who we see on our grounds. Hopefully our guards will do their part is helping preserve the safety and security of our slice of life.

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