Monday, January 30, 2006


Maybe there are layers of approval necessary. Maybe the printer ran out of ink. Our newsletter, anticipated to mail Friday, has not yet arrived at the wasp-nest mailboxes.

I am amazed at the bad job of communication Discovery Land is doing. Since communication is, in its own way, the most 'visible' form of their stewardship, wouldn't you think that would work best for them?

Why not use this blog? No printing, no mailing, no design necessary. An open avenue of communication: to supplement or compliment what we have now, or what is in the works.

Now, with even more anticipation, the newsletter will have to live up to some pretty high expectations.

What do you think?

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AnthonyNadalin said...

Well the HOA pays for internet access, and SO already has a web site so why not there ?

Also blog is fine, you should ask them for a electronic copy (pdf) and post this.

There needs to be some better communications, this should not be hard, but sure seems to be.

Also as stated before I have never reveived a copy in 3.5 years so I can wait a while longer.