Sunday, January 08, 2006


Tim Sabo (homeowner) writes:

What's up with the homeowner's association raising the monthly fee $50/month?
Let's get some chatter going about this on the site so we can address as a group at the 1/12 meeting.

Shouldn't this be discussed/voted on before they do it?
Is there a homeowner on the committee?

We need to find out what DISCOVERY LAND charges homeowners at other facilities. (VAQUERO in Dallas,etc)

My concern is: they will raise this fee proportional with the number of houses in the community, i.e...40 houses = $2400/year but when community is complete.....400 houses = $24,000/year.

Some of these upscale communities charge rates in this zone.

Tim reports:
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From: Phoebe Dill []
Sent: Sun 1/8/2006 11:28 AM
To: Tim Sabo
Subject: Vaquero HOA dues

Dear Tim,

In answer to your question, Vaquero Homeowners dues are $1340 paid
semi-annually for all homeowners. People who live in the Village Homes pay
an additional $3600 a year.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Phoebe Dill
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AnthonyNadalin said...

The letter really sucked, gave no detail reason for the increase, I see no improvements, except those split rail fences that look really poor, and will need extra money to replace in several years. I guess with a larger company also comes the larger fees to maintain thier staff.

They also seem to want an extra quaters payment sometime this year for reserves which is pure BS.

I can't make the meeting on the 12th but my wife will and I can tell you that we will question this move, we will want to see what we are getting for our extra $600 a year.