Monday, January 09, 2006


It will be interesting to see how much participation in the association's business Discovery Land will give its dues paying HOA members.

The association will have a developer controlled board until they decide to turn it over to the association members. That usually comes soon after the last lot is sold. What interest does DL maintain with their other properties on an on going basis?

The developer should begin preparing the residents to be in the position to manage the association when that time comes by having trained and competent residents on the board. The resident members must have representatives with strong financial and legal backgrounds. Running an association is a business first with social requirements a distant second.

We need to determine how DL has handled the association structure with their other properties.

Comparing other DL properties is not necessarily an accurate comparison. DL should have a long range plan that shows what projected association expenses will be 3-5 years out.

We need to learn when the common areas including the roads, gate house and other amenities are deeded over to the association.

Developers have taken it on themselves to quit claim their responsibilities to the association without notice. For example roads: It is apparent that the existing roads will need repair as the result of poor initial installation, damage caused by construction traffic, and the addition of excavation to upgrade utilities. Will the developer take the responsibility of turning the roads over to the association in good condition?

The association needs resident representation. Currently we have taxation without representation.

The developer has elected to provide 24 hour guard service at two entrances. This expense is one of the largest expense items for the association. Is this a self serving marketing ploy? Is the developer covering his portion of the costs?

The developer has elected to plant a drought tolerant grass that is being watered and mowed to excess. If one hasn't reviewed the past plan and actual expense for water you may be surprised.

--- This homeowner has chosen to remain anonymous.

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Bob Wood said...

If or when we switch to natural gas, will the infrastructure be affected? Will existing pipes work for that?