Monday, January 09, 2006


Just received my first letter from the Declarant, Spanish Oaks, L.P. aka Discovery Land Company. It's no longer a rumor. Check your wallet. Guess they had to make the announcement before the annual meeting. I'm sure they will walk us through the numbers on the 12th Of Never.

Do you now feel more secure by having a roving patrol officer around the development during construction hours? Who is this serving? What is his job description? Who and what is he protecting?

Landscaping improvements: Isn't this a developer responsibility?. If the original landscaping wasn't good enough to begin with why does the association have to ante up?

Looks like the developer has deeded all the common areas to the association. Repairs: Who is responsible for damage and wear to the streets caused by construction vehicles? Check the roundabout curbing and trenched landscaping.

No reserve established for as long as the association has been created.........Well Hello!!!!!!!! Has anyone bothered to ask for the Annual Report?

Declarant will contribute to the reserve fund in 2006 in either funds and or repair to the Common Areas........ Why do they feel compelled to do so? What will be the amount of their contribution? Make the contribution cash to the reserve not in kind services.

These surely are exciting times.

--- Anonymous homeowner


AnthonyNadalin said...

Seems like we have to pay for Discovery Land's baggage, larger company more opperating costs with less results.

Any one seen $50 a month improvement ?

Seems we are paying for Discovery Land's improvments around the club area.

Since we are not a connected community should there be different fees for different areas ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of the questions to be answered regarding Discovery Land's "baggage", and the incremental fees levied to us as owners, is simply have we in fact benefitted by their participation in Spanish Oaks?

If so, by how much (can that be quantified?), and given the current and potential increases in fees/dues/assessments, are we still better off than we would have been prior to their involvement.

If the answer is no, we are not better off, then it likley is time to liquidate our positions. However, if yes, we are better off, then let's seek a clear understanding of why these fees are being levied, but have an eye towards the macro view.

Curious what others think regarding Discovery Land's involvement in Spanish Oaks? It certainly was sold as a positive development for SO.

Bob Wood said...

Despite a lavish kick off party, they haven't communicated to residents/owners at all. This has been a major failure, as good communication skills would go a long way to assuring all that there is intelligence and thoughtfulness behind their plan.

Above all else, they should communicate BENEFITS of their stewardship.

Anonymous said...

Land values have doubled and will continue to rise. $50.00 per month means nothing. If you bought your lot for 180K and its now worth 400K it would take you 4,440 months or 366.67 years of $50.00 per month payments to make up the difference.