Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Maybe we should have a secret handshake.

Good article in the Austin American Statesman today FRONT PAGE about the rise in the SW real estate market and also in the $1 mil plus homes.

SW Austin sale numbers up 68%; median price, up 1%, days to sell, down 62% (to 22 days)
$1 Million and up: Y-T-D, sales 192 % increase, 50% (in sales, not price)

Ain't life grand?

Maybe we could gather and smoke expensive cigars.


Anonymous said...

I think it is quite nice to see the appreciation in property values, but.......

I am dismayed at the Hill Country shops (Lowes, World Market, etc.), not for the attractive convenience that they provide to our community, but rather the "eye sore" that I see from my Spanish Oaks property. What a shame! We are working so hard to fit Spanish Oaks within our native Hill Country, and yet the Shops stand out in stark contrast to our quest.

Too late now other than to Monday morning quarterback it. However, I will keep my fingers crossed that the recently applied green (paint?) on the back of Lowes will keep the glare down!

Anonymous said...

i thought spanish oaks was represented at the design discussions regarding the shops....is this not true?