Sunday, December 11, 2005


They REALLY did their homework. The guidelines are quite detailed. More random highlights (out of context, but interesting!)

No two or three car garages to be facing street.

No light spillover into neighboring lots. No uplighting.

Basketball hoops to be screened from view of street or neighboring properties.

Walls and fences to disappear into surrounding vegetation. Fencing or walls not to extend beyond building envelope (Boy has that one been unenforced or non-existent till now!)

All lots to have at least a two car garage.

Each lot to have a minimum of two guest parking spaces with cars screened from view.

River rock may not be used for rip-rap drainage treatment.

More as I dig deeper.


Anonymous said...

All the guidelines sound like they will optimize Spanish Oaks in it's best light to really cast a great glow around our very own Golden Butte.

AnthonyNadalin said...

What is it with the split rail fences ? Are these really approved items we cast our eyes upon ?

Bob Wood said...

They are to keep construction trucks on the road and off the grass/dirt. They are removed at the end of a construction cycle.