Monday, December 19, 2005


Another section for you.

Exterior Recreation or play Equipment

"All exterior recreational or play equipment, such as swing sets, slides, play structures, jungle gyms and similar equipment, must meet the intent and requirements of all sections of these Guidelines, including color. This type of equipment or Structures must be located in the least visible portions of the lot and must not be visible from the golf course, adjacent lots or common areas. The height of this type of equipment shall be limited to a maximum height of 8 feet above finished grade. All exterior recreational or play equipment requires specific approval of the DRC prior to installation.

Outdoor storage buildings, unless designed by the architect and submitted as part of the final design review, shall not be allowed. Other structures such as, but not limited to, barns, sheds, cribs, guest cottages, and in-law cottages shall be submitted as per the design guidelines and approved by the DRC prior to construction."

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