Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The annual meeting will be held January 12th at 7PM in unit #4 of Verde Trails... across from the office. There's a mail piece which will be out very soon with full details.


jimlaydc said...

Holly gas bill batman. We just got a $500 gas bill for last month.The month b4 was less than $90. I just call Sharp propane and they said a lot of homes in Spanish oaks have such high bills for this month. We are not on a normal gas system and the propane in so much more. Maybe electric might be the way to go in the future. Also water is running us over $500 per month and summer electric has been up to $600.

Bob Wood said...

And maybe becuase we're on the end of the line, but our water pressure is LOUSY!

We have received and also heard reports from other homeowners of very HIGH utility bills.

Heating the spa in the dead of winter was VERY expensive this past February or March!