Monday, December 19, 2005


We ran into some folks yesterday who had visited this blog and wondered about what is in essence a FORUM. Sorry, but that's out of my area of expertise. A forum is where you can all contribute and see each other's replies in a stream.

On this site you have two options and I encourage you to use either.

One is to simply pick a posting and click on the COMMENT word after it, which allows you to comment. As a moderated site, though, I have to approve your comment. That's to keep someone from spamming us all or being inappropriate (not that YOU would be, but it's open to anyone in the public.)

I usually check for messages once or more a day and approve right away. Then you can see your comments (and so can anyone) by clicking on the comment word to which your comment is now attached.

The other way is to E mail me your posting or comment: A post is more visible than a comment. Tell me what you'd prefer.

Hope this helps!

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