Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The Tenants (their real name, honest) have moved in very recently, and the Vinsons are days away. That got me thinking that we might see new faces but never know much about the folks with whom we share the neighborhood.

Would you be interested in posting a little bio about you and/or your family? We could post your info right here or if I got enough of them, I'd open another blog which was just THAT and link to it.

Just a thought.

I have metrics on this blog and can see that many people of the number I E-mailed, have viewed it. Thanks! Come back often. As more contribute, it'll become the center of communication, hopefully.


Did you figure out that coming toward 71 from Bee Caves Road there is only one left turn lane? What appears to be the inner left is actually a 'straight' into the new shopping center.

It's on a sign far right as you approach the intersection. (I never saw it - Terri did.) As they haven't stencilled the road, you can get someone beside you who also turns and it's a great place for a side swipe. Heads up!

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