Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lions' Roar?

Again we've come upon owners from the Barton Creek Preserve (landlocked by S.O and at the end of Overlook Pass (east side of the S.O. sprawl) who ask "Have we heard the lions at the Zoo?" We haven't (yet) but others have and it's only a matter of time. The Zoo is a few miles away on the next ridge (we think.)

We learned there are some cattle, horses and goats on at least one 17 acre property back in the preserve. And of course, the three horses on the back of Musket Rim. Our little cocker spaniel, Jessie, loves those horses when they come by the fence.

Jessie also really wanted to play with the big steers which were grazing one day on the land that adjoins the back road. The steer was curious. Jessie was all wig-waggy.

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