Thursday, November 24, 2005


Without getting mushy, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

As the trees redden over the Preserve and all over our slice of heaven, as we enjoy the 80 degree days and warm sunshine, as we meet nice new friends and neighbors and enjoy Austin's many great dimensions, we know we are lucky, even blessed; certainly with a bounty for which we should pause and be very thankful!


Debra Yenne said...

A dog named Catalina (black and white boston terrier?) was found by some workers in our area on La Barzola Bend. We called the no. on the tag and left a message. If you are the owners or know the owners, the workers were taking the dog to the guard gate at 6:00PM Friday evening. We have no fence so we couldn't take the dog in. Apparently Catalina jumped in their truck while they were finishing their day's work.
Debra Yenne 512-215-0353

Bob Wood said...

It was the Tenants (newly moved in.) I assume they have been reunited by now. Sure hope so!