Tuesday, November 22, 2005


TxDot has not returned repeated calls, but here's the skinny (we believe):

The issue is that the bridge on 71 would have to be widened to accommodate a center turn lane before a light could be put in. That would cost about $425,000. If you have some political sway, crank it up!

Otherwise, it was suggested that as TAXPAYERS we could unite and call some attention to our need.


the sabos said...

Yes...Tim and I agree...we should all ban together. I wonder if it would be possible for this to be named as an item on the agenda at the January meeting. I think it is an item that homeowners would turn out for in droves. If so, I would love nothing more than to request the attendance of our local state house of representative. AS they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And if not, it very well could end up that one of us will end up being a greasy spot on Hwy. 71. This is something that every land owner should rally around. It is not only ourselves that we must worry about at this treacherous intersection, but our loved ones (family and friends) that come to vist.

Bob Wood said...

Great idea. Watch for the meeting word - it may have been moved back to Decemebr. I will attempt to find out. Another reason for the blog - communication is weak.