Saturday, November 19, 2005

Armadillo Race Day

Another FINE TIME was provided by the good folks of Spanish Oaks Golf Club and Discovery Land. A cowboy standing on his horse was roping kids as we stepped out of the car on this perfect fall day (about 65 degrees and sunny). Then after a walk to Pecan Grove we passed another cowboy doing rope work, and a good country band playing on stage (didn't catch their name.) Great grub at the chuckwagon (and tent) filled us all while the entertainment continued (the best peach cobbler I ever ate, too!)

Soon it was more rope and pistol twirl demonstrations then the armadillo races. Kids were called upon to be 'armadillo jockeys' to root their 'dillos to victory.

An Armadillo, for non-natives, is a woman's purse before the strap is attached and claws removed.

A stagewagon gave rides to all who wanted them.

Another fabulous fun time for the whole family!

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