Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Terri spoke with TxDOT. Here's the skinny:

There won't be a traffic light at our East Entrance to replace the flasher in the forseeable future, but we might see a turn lane within a year.

Somehow they'd widen the road or restripe it after the bridge headed west, which would allow a turn lane and hopefully you would have a reasonably clear shot.

They are aware of the danger BUT there's an issue: Barton Creek - they can't widen the bridge due to environmental concerns. (I assume the bridge was built in less-strict days.) The issue ISN'T funding.

On another matter, TxDOT said there will be a road cut north of the new Galleria, linking 2244 and 620; hopefully lessening some of the traffic on 71.


jimlaydc said...

I will love it when the road is done to the other side and we can all just use that entrance. By the way the people at Phoenix irrigation came by and same it looks like a coyote that bit through the pipe in our drip system. They might be eating our pets as well. Any sightings? One more thing, Do you think it would be good to have a section in this blog that addressed building issues both good and bad. It could be a resource for people to better understand the process and the skill level of the people working out there. Like I found a great guy for blind or This sub never shows up when he says he will. Thanks again Jim

Bob Wood said...

Building issues: well, let's wait till the new regs come out (very soon) and we'll try to get them and post the salient ones.

As for contractors or subs or workers - we have to be carfeul to praise the good and leave out the bad (avoid litigation!)

I can set up a link to a resource list if enough folks respond with details. To prevent wiley service providers from pimping themselves, I would ask that anyone who posts a recommendation include their address or lot number.

AnthonyNadalin said...

I like the idea of a section on building issues and also aviding the litigation issues !

We have been looking at various architects, found a few potential, would like more if folks have recomendations.