Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Apparently our 'new' HEB has become the target of purse snatchers - a woman with a man who parks in handicap parking (for a fast get away) have teamed up to steal your purse. Here are some tips from the Lakeway Police.

Safety purse tricks for ladies:
from Officer Andrea Greig, Lakeway Police Department.

1. Buckle your purse into the straps on the cart
that hold the baby in. If the person tries to steal your
purse the cart will have to go with them!

2. Keep your purse closed at all times and don't
turn your back or walk away.

3. Put it in the bottom basket where you keep
the food, if the cart has no baby safety straps.

4. Keep check book, credit cards and money in
different wallets or pockets. This way you will not
lose everything, hopefully.

5. Be aware of the people around you and try
to remember what they look like and what they
are wearing.

I hope this helps! Be safe, Officer Andrea Greig

Note: We have seen many open or accessible purses throughout the store. It's so easy to get distracted.

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