Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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Spanish Oaks Owners Association, Inc.

April 20, 2009

Dear Spanish Oaks Owner:

On behalf of the Spanish Oaks Owners Association Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of you that attended our Annual Meeting on March 26th, and take this opportunity to recap the highlights of the meeting. Also, please note that a significant amount of time at the meeting was devoted to addressing several resident questions sent in prior to the meeting. Pam has recently published the Q&A’s which are available from her via e-mail or at her office. Below are some of the topics discussed at the Annual Meeting:

We now have 273 property owners in the neighborhood, and 95 occupied homes. There are 6 homes in the Design Review Process, 10 approved for start, and 33 under construction at the present time.

Several community directives were discussed:

· Fire hydrants and roadway reflectors have been ordered and will be installed upon receipt.

· Street repairs and curb repairs are being inventoried and prioritized. Repairs will begin as resources become available. ** Ahem - what does "when available" mean in terms of TIME? **

· We have implemented a water conservation program for 2009 that calls for reduced watering times and days. ** Everybody should report broken sprinklers and street watering! Same with trash in mail kiosk, burnt-out lights, etc. **

· Security gate access software has been upgraded to provide remote access and to enable better communication between the two gates. ** Now they can BOTH be on the phone at the same time? Why are the guards seemingly always on the phone? To whom are they talking? **

· East Entrance challenges and anticipated improvements were presented by Michael Nalick, Policy Director for County Commissioner Karen Huber. Below is an update to the information shared with us at the meeting. ** Actually, he wasn't prepared, and told us nothing at that time. In the best spirit of politics, however, it took him ten minutes to say nothing. Since then, a lot apparently has happened... as you'll see below. **

Volunteers were solicited for Committees and for social groups; if interested please contact Pam Chandler.

The Board hopes to see increased year-round use of the Lodge and Fish Camp for private parties, social groups, scout meetings, exercise classes, etc. Please don’t hesitate to use the facility, and contact Pam if you have suggestions for community events.

Subsequent to the meeting, we received great news from Don Nylund, Chief Project Engineer for TXDOT, concerning the planned (and long-awaited) improvements to Hwy. 71! Work is anticipated to begin late summer of this year and will include:

Franchise utilities will be relocated this summer in preparation for roadway improvements.

Existing bridge will be widened to accommodate a center turn lane.

Hwy. 71 vertical grades will be lowered to improve site distances into and out of Spanish Oaks.

A center turn lane will be added from Uplands Ridge Dr. to Arroyo Canyon Dr.

A stop light will be installed at our East entrance (Yes, it’s happening per Don!)

Minor community improvements to the East entrance may be needed as construction progresses.

The Board remains committed to keeping Spanish Oaks the premier neighborhood in the greater Austin area, and encourages you to bring your concerns and compliments to Pam at any time. She will pass all comments/questions on to the Board for consideration and response.

Thanks again for your support and assistance in making Spanish Oaks a comfortable and fun place to call home.


Steve Yetts, President

CC: Jack Creveling, V. P.
Joel Dobson, Secretary/Treas.
Donald Abrams, Director at Large

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Sam Chapman said...

Thanks for posting the notes. This is very useful information for anyone looking at the possibility of buying in Spanish Oaks. I have passed it on to one such couple in Houston.