Thursday, May 07, 2009


Land-A-Goshen! Or whatever you prefer as an appropriate expression of amazement... there are markings on several of the street "issues" we've had for, oh, years, as if they are really going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM! Don't know about you, but the bump at east entrance exit gate just galls me every time I thump over it. I mumble something about "premiere community" to myself and grind my teeth.

No word or markings on the eaten-up curb on S.O. Blvd.

The other day a sod-carrying truck came across the east entrance bridge far over into the oncoming lanes. And that striping plan is...?

Remember we are a development that doesn't have maintenance in the budget. So all the above may be a miracle. If so, Sunday services will be at the top of Musket Rim - just follow the dirt because they apparently don't clean the streets anymore either.

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