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Why aren’t all fire hydrants in Spanish Oaks marked with a blue reflector on the street, and the caps painted with a color code for the amount of pressure in the hydrant?

Answer: While these requirements were not adopted by Travis County Emergency Services District No. 6 until after completion of Phases I through A, the Board agrees with the need for the street reflectors. We will make it a priority to get these installed where missing. In addition, all Travis County Fire Engines have “on Board CAD” which immediately shows the Fire Dept. the location and pressure of each fire hydrant in the community.

Many drivers seem to forget that the Bridge over Little Barton Creek at the East entrance is a two-way road. Can reflectors or stripes be installed in the middle of the bridge?

Yes, that can and will be done. A very good suggestion.

Can the parking area at the East Mail Kiosk be re-designed to permit cars to drive through rather than backing up into traffic?

There are no plans at this time to re-design the parking area at the mail kiosk. We have installed a sign indicating that folks should pull completely forward to park and to watch for incoming traffic when backing out.

There are concrete blobs on Hwy. 71 that have been there for quite some time. These should be removed as cars tend to swerve around them when turning left from our entrance.

This would be the responsibility of TXDOT.

Overall appearance issues: broken curbs, curbs marked up by vehicles, bolts on the east roundabout guard rail, and street reflectors missing or knocked out of place.

All are valid points and will be addressed. Street reflectors will be replaced/repaired in conjunction with fire hydrant markers being installed.

What is the makeup of the HOA Board of Directors?

Until all lots in Spanish Oaks have been sold, the Declarant (Developer) controls the Board per our CC&Rs. In response to homeowner requests, in late 2005 the Declarant did solicit volunteers and appointed Donald Abrams as a homeowner representative to the Board.

Please explain the existing committees and how one can volunteer. I believe our website needs updating, and that we need a Communications Committee.

Currently we have 3 Committees: Welcome, Social & Safety. A Communications Committee is a good idea and volunteers will be solicited. One of our new homeowners has volunteered to help with updating our website to make it more current, and work will begin sometime in April. We also have another volunteer as a result of the meeting and she will be working with Pam on this project as well.

Is there a list of residents that could be distributed to all?

Any member of the HOA may have a copy of the roster by requesting one from Pam Chandler. It has not been widely published to date to respect the privacy of your neighbors. Another Committee could be a Directory Committee; the task of this group would be to gather information on any owners that wish to have their information published to the community, and then to keep the Directory current working with Pam to gather information on new owners.

What is Sharp Energy doing about installation of the new storage tank, and how will it affect our propane bills?

The site plan is being modified at the request of the MUD Engineers, and is nearly complete. Once the new site plan is approved construction will begin. The new tank will take our storage capacity from 8,000 gallons to 30,000 gallons; this is expected to help lower our monthly propane bills as fewer deliveries will need to be made to the site.

We understand that LCRA is being sued over the latest rate increase. Could this be explained, and is our Association one of the plaintiffs in the suit?

Lakepointe HOA and its two MUD districts have filed a rate challenge action against LCRA, and that case is in process right now. Spanish Oaks is not a party.

There is a broken toddler swing at the Celanova Court playground.

A new one has been ordered and will be installed shortly.

There is a fence and trail along the boundary of Spanish Oaks and the Homestead. It is not in good repair, and might be a security risk.

That fence does not belong to Spanish Oaks, and the trail is not drivable. However, we will investigate and see if repairs can be made.

What is the status of road & curb repairs?

The Board has an inventory of all needed street repairs; we are currently prioritizing and obtaining proposals for future repairs. Updates will be published when available.

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