Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night the 2008 annual meeting was held at the Lodge. It was attended by about 60 people. Refreshments and pizza were served as owners arrived and mingled.

When the meeting began, Pam Chandler said she'd cover all the questions which had been submitted and from the floor and would also summarize in writing to all within a few days. There were many recurring items, and I'll try to cover some of the more universal ones and general news, but will save the detail for Pam's letter.

The HOA: Manager Pam Chandler, HOA non-voting rep Donald Abrams, Discovery's Joel Dobson, Steve Yetts, Jack Creveling.

General Information: I believe I got this right. I attempted to record the meeting but my recorder died early on.

end 2007/ end 2008
Owned: 249/277
Occupied: 92/95
Homes: 132/148
New residents: 14

Sales for the past year were lower than projections. Discovery is working on some undisclosed realtor incentives. (Comment: if they'd accelerate/invest in fixing some of the roads and other issues they'd probably enhance the saleability of lots and homes within. Sunken roads around manholes, ref: SO Blvd roundabout, broken curb, etc., pull our overall aesthetic down when compared to other developments of multi-million dollar homes.) Discovery has done away with maintenance personnel - Pam is 'borrowing' from Daniel Porter's people. Draw your own conclusion.

Discovery has installed or completed a system which would allow one gate guard to control the other gate. It's unclear what advantage this has in practicality, but they are also monitoring the traffic flow overnight to see if one guard is all that is necessary. They attempted to bring all "security" in house but that failed. There was no indication they'd try again.

Great confusion over highway 71 plans: there is said to be a plan afoot to lower the crest of a hill, but whether or not it's the east or west gate side remains to be clarified. I took this to mean the west side, and in 2010 there would be a light at the west entrance. Later that became unclear. Perhaps Pam will clarify.

There will be no light at the east entrance in the foreseeable future. As for a turn lane (westbound at east entrance,) I think the issue is they'd have to widen the bridge to allow enough space for a turn lane after the bridge. IMHO - don't hold your breath. Noted: the way the crews mangled and dumped the trees when they 'trimmed' the trees away from power lines across 71. The concrete 'turtles" in mid 71 are TXdot issues and obviously not high at all on their list, if even ON their list.

There seemed to be a consensus that our HOA website needs to be redone and a volunteer has been identified, though unnamed, nor was there a timetable given for this or for solutions to apply to many of the issues raised, for instance, the striping of lanes at east entrance at the bridge, or road fixes.

A discussion was held about speeding through the development. This led to the issue of those who walk in the dark in dark clothing, and on the streets. I note that there are no paths on lower Musket Rim or lower Paraiso or Overlook Pass.

The developer has finished landscaping, i.e.: no more new materials to be added to the project. Their hope is that with careful water conservation and time, what exists can grow in and fill out what might look sparse.

The pool will open possibly before memorial Day but as Pam is officed there will open it for you upon request. The Lodge is available free for owners who wish to host special parties, etc. See Pam.

Signups were offered for committees and social groups.

There is an ongoing issue of design compliance and builder failures/defaults.

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