Sunday, October 28, 2007


Blur-O-Vision shot and recreation of Bob on stage helping celebrate the opening of Hill Country Galleria.

Later he told the appreciative crowd that he "lived about a mile from here" and that "today he found a tarantula in his garage and "he preferred the people-to-spider ratio of the audience."

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hill Country Galleria is now OPEN! Obviously not all stores are in yet, but the movie theatres are (that's the spelling... Canadian, British, and now, Bee Caveish!)

DILLARDS pre-opened last week.

Last night the town council... no, CITY council, gathered to open the new City Hall with a ribbon cutting ceremony, food, fireworks, and general sighs of relief. See the BEE CAKE above which was wonderful!

It's the 20th anniversary of Bee Cave, though the indians go back hundreds of years.

Tomorrow the gates of Spanish Oaks will be thrown open to Those Who Wish To See The Homes On View. If you are an owner you should have received word of this by email. If not, you aren't opted in.

Monday, October 22, 2007



There's this blog, which I started, in order to get better communication going among residents. Especially as the west side develops, I think it serves a purpose. To clear up any possible misunderstanding, the blog is mine. I do it, edit it, choose what's on it. I see this blog as maybe a little more lighthearted than THE NEWS. It's open to the world.

If you wish, you can start a blog too - they are free.

We also have an HOA opt-in weekly (almost) E-newsletter. Material on this goes through the HOA BOD, or at least PAM.

However, there now seems to be an unfilled area - and so we are opening a page on the HOA website as a BULLETIN BOARD forum for your needs, comments, whatever. Once it starts up (your input will be the content) we can see how it goes, and what you want next.

Since anyone can post, once they access the site, there will have to be rules of civility, and posts will be pulled if they violate the 'rules.' The rules will come down from above... and will be on the site when ready. Stone tablets are being prepared.

Meanwhile I'll get the forum up and ready and will let you know when 'the doors open.' It all depends on how easily the forum program integrates into our website program and the server.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tanya Streeter asked that I send an email out to our opt-in list, which I did. Perhaps you saw it - asking about the interest for a dog park on property somewhere?

Well, I apparently shouldn't have used THAT medium for THAT communication, so allow me to apologize if anyone was offended beyond the officialdom. This blog is more appropriate for those things - the opt in email is more of an organ for the HOA. And the HOA hadn't been involved up front.

I'll now muzzle myself and won't write what I am thinking, sparing you all.

"Don't forget to email Tanya Streeter to voice your support for the proposed Spanish Oaks Dog Park. The only way it will happen is if we all keep asking for it!"

If that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Does this house violate or ignore Spanish Oaks guidelines?
No trash container visible from street.
No basketball hoop.
Indigenous plantings outside of house envelope have been left intact
Earth tones or darn close. (Gold comes from earth; white is apparently exempt.)
30 foot height limit (from street).
No dogs off leash.
No antennae.

20 cycle note from twin stack organ pipes causes earthquakes, disturbs neighbors, and makes dogs bark within 5 miles.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


He won't appreciate it till later in life, but this could be one of the best days. Carefree at sunset, waiting for the big one. It really doesn't get any better!


Today's inspirational picture via telephone-cam offers the glory of another Hill Country Sunrise. Streaks of ragweed pollen are, wait, that's not it.


In a roundabout way, we learned of the plan; even though this is a partnership with the HOA, as far as I know, the HOA didn't. At least we the people didn't. It's a lot like the government today.

The Spanish Oaks Sales Office, partnering with the Homeowner's Association, will be hosting a series of three community open home events.

Kid Kool-Aid prices will be set at $5/glass. Whoa. There I go again.

Sunday, October 28th.
Sunday, November 18th.
Sunday, December 16th.

All are 11A-2PM.

Food by MariLou's truck. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

All listing agents within Spanish Oaks have apparently been invited to participate.

There won't be signs at 71 and it seems this will be restricted to lookie-lous who sign up in advance via the Realtors. Note to the right on the blog you can access all homes for sale here to snoop pricing.


I am kidding a little. This item ran in the American Statesman Friday and was carried all over Texas. Tim is a local resident in S.O.

One of Texas' favorite sons would be turning 100 next year. And although Lyndon B. Johnson isn't around anymore, everyone is invited to celebrate his life and legacy.

A year of symposiums, exhibits and activities in Texas and Washington, D.C., will cover Johnson's boyhood in the Hill Country, his time in Congress, his presidency and the continuing impact of his policies. Johnson's birthday is Aug. 27.

'It is my hope that this ... celebration will rekindle in all of us the commitment to righting the wrongs that still exist in the country my grandfather loved,' said Nicole Covert, a granddaughter of the late president, unveiling the logo for his centennial birthday celebration with creative director Tim Sabo.

While blogging about the Johnson's - next weekend is the annual Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center plant sale. We'll be there looking for the species cantkillium deerdonteatthemisis.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Our home faces the Preserve. The other couple of days we heard coyote yips and howls from that general direction. I'm just writing this for those who might be inclined to leave little Muffy the dog out behind an invisible fence when you aren't around, especially in the evening.

When we lived elsewhere we saw a pack of coyotes run by the house one night. They can be silent and move very quickly.