Saturday, October 06, 2007


I am kidding a little. This item ran in the American Statesman Friday and was carried all over Texas. Tim is a local resident in S.O.

One of Texas' favorite sons would be turning 100 next year. And although Lyndon B. Johnson isn't around anymore, everyone is invited to celebrate his life and legacy.

A year of symposiums, exhibits and activities in Texas and Washington, D.C., will cover Johnson's boyhood in the Hill Country, his time in Congress, his presidency and the continuing impact of his policies. Johnson's birthday is Aug. 27.

'It is my hope that this ... celebration will rekindle in all of us the commitment to righting the wrongs that still exist in the country my grandfather loved,' said Nicole Covert, a granddaughter of the late president, unveiling the logo for his centennial birthday celebration with creative director Tim Sabo.

While blogging about the Johnson's - next weekend is the annual Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center plant sale. We'll be there looking for the species cantkillium deerdonteatthemisis.

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