Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tanya Streeter asked that I send an email out to our opt-in list, which I did. Perhaps you saw it - asking about the interest for a dog park on property somewhere?

Well, I apparently shouldn't have used THAT medium for THAT communication, so allow me to apologize if anyone was offended beyond the officialdom. This blog is more appropriate for those things - the opt in email is more of an organ for the HOA. And the HOA hadn't been involved up front.

I'll now muzzle myself and won't write what I am thinking, sparing you all.

"Don't forget to email Tanya Streeter to voice your support for the proposed Spanish Oaks Dog Park. The only way it will happen is if we all keep asking for it!"

If that.

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Anonymous said...

We think Tanya's idea is tip top and applaud you for getting the details out to the "masses" .... maybe those that objected to the vehicle are simply wound a little too tight and perhaps having a pet would do them good