Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Our home faces the Preserve. The other couple of days we heard coyote yips and howls from that general direction. I'm just writing this for those who might be inclined to leave little Muffy the dog out behind an invisible fence when you aren't around, especially in the evening.

When we lived elsewhere we saw a pack of coyotes run by the house one night. They can be silent and move very quickly.


Susan said...

I think that is great. I will be living on Musket Rim. Can you tell me how often you hear them. Are you near Musket Rim? I will definitely be vigilant over my dog. I truly love hearing them howl!

Susan said...

I will be moving to Musket Rim in April. I have studied coyotes and am fascinated by them. My home backs onto the preserve I believe. Do you know whether coyotes have ever been heard in that area? Also, do you see any wildlife within Spanish Oaks itself ? Thank you for writing about the coyotes. Also, do Mtn Lions live in the surrounding hill country ? I am a lover of wildlife, obviously. Hope to meet you one day