Monday, October 22, 2007



There's this blog, which I started, in order to get better communication going among residents. Especially as the west side develops, I think it serves a purpose. To clear up any possible misunderstanding, the blog is mine. I do it, edit it, choose what's on it. I see this blog as maybe a little more lighthearted than THE NEWS. It's open to the world.

If you wish, you can start a blog too - they are free.

We also have an HOA opt-in weekly (almost) E-newsletter. Material on this goes through the HOA BOD, or at least PAM.

However, there now seems to be an unfilled area - and so we are opening a page on the HOA website as a BULLETIN BOARD forum for your needs, comments, whatever. Once it starts up (your input will be the content) we can see how it goes, and what you want next.

Since anyone can post, once they access the site, there will have to be rules of civility, and posts will be pulled if they violate the 'rules.' The rules will come down from above... and will be on the site when ready. Stone tablets are being prepared.

Meanwhile I'll get the forum up and ready and will let you know when 'the doors open.' It all depends on how easily the forum program integrates into our website program and the server.

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