Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Does this house violate or ignore Spanish Oaks guidelines?
No trash container visible from street.
No basketball hoop.
Indigenous plantings outside of house envelope have been left intact
Earth tones or darn close. (Gold comes from earth; white is apparently exempt.)
30 foot height limit (from street).
No dogs off leash.
No antennae.

20 cycle note from twin stack organ pipes causes earthquakes, disturbs neighbors, and makes dogs bark within 5 miles.


Bob Wood said...

No, it's not a home here. It's a joke. There's little to report except Terri saw a coyote while walking the dog at dawn today. The coyote was off-leash.

Anonymous said...

i think i saw that place in marina del rey.....humm

Pam Chandler said...

Bob - You're gonna give the neighbors a heart attack! Hope they read your comment - this house would NEVER, EVER be approved in Spanish Oaks!!!!

But at least their dogs aren't running loose...