Tuesday, February 13, 2007


On behalf of your HOA, Steve Yetts (President), Donald Abrams (Homeowner rep), Mayor Murphy of the City of Bee Cave (and lot owner in Spanish Oaks) and Richard Finlayson of the Preserve HOA met with Sen. Kirk Watson and Rep. Valinda Bolton regarding traffic and safety issues along the highway 71 corridor and in particular the aged bridge over Little Barton Creek. Each are freshmen in the legislature, but Sen. Watson is the Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee. Each was very attentive to our articulated issues and was particularly agreeable to bring our concerns to the appropriate parties. Sen. Watson agreed to construct the correspondence that Rep. Bolton will sign as well to advance our issues. When a copy is made available to me, distribution will follow.

I have no doubt that they will work to serve our interests so if you can please drop them an e-mail or a note and thank them for their concerns. Remember that the first rule of being a freshman legislator is to become a sophomore legislator. Having constituents sending mail, phone calls etc. make them respond. As a HOA we can become a force with our voices and our votes. Remember to vote every chance you get and let them know that we are watching.

Donald A. Abrams
Homeowner Rep


Email to Valinda Bolton

Email to Kirk Watson

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