Thursday, February 22, 2007


(Prompted by today's weekly E mail to owners)

Speaking as a builder and not as a resident in Spanish Oaks I think there may be some over reaction. Generally the builders have a good relationship with the DRC and do not violate the rules. I know from my own experience that I have had 2 violations during all the construction I have done here and those were for particular reasons which were beyond my control. There are also situations where early or late access is needed such as gunite a pool or pouring a slab. Also do not forget that there are emergencies that require workers to have access into the property on a Sunday or late at night and we have homes that are not part of the Spanish Oaks guidelines but have access through our subdivision ( such as the Preserve). My general opinion about the gate and the DRC is that it works well, and as with many organizations has some problems but they are addressed in a timely manner and with fairness.The guards are extremely good at chasing out the workers at 6pm and not letting them in until around 7am, just go to the gate at 6-45am and you will see the line of trucks outside.

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