Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Last Tuesday, a resident was approached at her door by a young man with skateboard who was 'selling' subscriptions to magazines to be used at women's shelters, etc., for $55 apiece. He claimed to the the son of a resident and dropped some names. Upon investigation, it turned out he wasn't who he claimed, was not the son of a resident, and we must assume he was scamming anyone who'd fall for his spiel.

Apparently he hiked into S.O. somehow. So we are not quite as secure as we might think.

If you are approached at the door - call the guard shack and they'll let you know if THEY know and if they don't, will send security.


Michael Reilly said...

The skateboader magazine salesman made it up to our home on la barzola bend as well. He claimed to be dr. wheaton's son from verde trails. he even flashed a stack of checks he said were from other neighbors. Shae thought it was a little suspicious but hesistated to call security since he claimed to be a resident and even knew the name of verde trails. I think Bob is right. From now, we're calling security on any solicitors.

Anonymous said...

....and how much are we paying annually for security detail?

Bob Wood said...

You can simply walk into our development. There are several ways to do so and security will have no idea. That's not their fault... just that it's a big porous property.

The scam works well when they seem to 'include' the names of your neighbors (or claim to be one themselves.)