Monday, February 05, 2007


Hey Bob,

I live in Spanish Oaks and my most recent gas bill from Sharp Community Energy was a whopping $496.80. We’ve lived in Austin for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a gas bill over $150 in any home I’ve ever lived. I called Sharp and inquired about the high bill. Donna, who was very nice, gave the following reasons:

1. Spanish Oaks is on Propane and Propane is much more expensive than natural gas.

2. Due to the ice storm and Sharp office closure, there was an extended billing period for 37 days vs. the normal 30 days.

3. Of course, the colder weather caused everyone to run their heat more than normal.

When we bought in Spanish Oaks, we were told that the community would switch from Propane to Natural gas at some point. Is this still the plan? Do anyone know if this switch to natural gas would save us money on our gas bills?

Michael Reilly

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