Saturday, February 17, 2007


We meet at Bohl's Cabins

Naturalist and Historian Don Bosse addresses us.

Peewee Peers into History

...learned on today's nature walk...

The pasture to the right as you enter at the east entrance was once a rancher's landing strip for his Cessna.

When it rains and you see the sprinklers on, across from that pasture, it's on purpose with storm water, not LCRA water, and is part of a several stage carefully designed system.

The green balls of growth in various leafless trees are mistletoe.

There's a plan to eventually make the bridge at the east entrance into TWIN bridges, each one way. And there's a bat colony under the bridge (in Mexico today.)

And the surface of our bridge at its current level is... (ready?) FOUR FEET BELOW the 100 year flood level.

By the way - it was a great breakfast post-hike!

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