Saturday, March 04, 2006


Paul Streeter has built several homes in Spanish Oaks and is building another - this one for him and his wife, Tanya - he sends the following:

Hi Camelot Custom Homes' friends!

Many of you don't know what Camelot's Vice President does in her spare time....

This is just a reminder for you to watch Animal Planet on Sunday March 12th at 8pmEST/7pmCST

to see the premiere of Tanya's film "FreeDive". It's a visually stunning film about her freediving in exotic locations with different marine life, from huge Humpback whales, manatees and playful sealions, to penguins, marine iguanas and turtles. Your kids will especially enjoy going on this aquatic journey with Tanya!

Enjoy! (And check out her website for more information about her World Record dives.)


Camelot Custom Homes, Inc.

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