Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I am going to attempt to try to clear up some misunderstandings.

Discovery has not said there would never be social memberships. Some of their clubs do have social memberships. But, right now there is not anything to be a social member to. We are eating in a tent and the kitchen facilities are in a portable building. Don't get me wrong, this has not prevented them from making some amazing meals, but it is certainly not an ideal setup.

The swim center and fishing hole are both going to be part of the HOA, not the club. Steve was eager to talk about this and had all the boards to show this off at the HOA meeting, but it didn't seem like that many people were paying attention by the end of the meeting. They should be opening next summer 2007 as will the road to the club.

The Austin Tennis Academy is not part of Spanish Oaks. Anybody can get a membership there.

Hopefully more people will fill out and turn in their questionares for the directory. As of yesterday, Pam had only recieved 20 and was hoping for more before she compiles the info.

Spanish Oaks did not change it's name. The golf club has always been called Spanish Oaks Golf Club and the community has always been called Spanish Oaks at Bee Cave.

Yes the lot owners/residents are not going to be invited to any more of the events through the golf club -- unless you are invited by a member. Why not just be happy for the invites in the past instead of complaining about not being invited now. The golf club is separate. If we are to have social events for residents it needs to be done through the HOA. Which also means it will be paid for through our assessments -- the past freebies were paid for by the golf club. Is anyone interested in heading up some social events?

Hope this clarifies some of the misunderstandings that were festering out there.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Pam Chandler.

Lori Bailes

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Bob Wood said...

REALLY HAPPY to see the ol' fishing hole will be open to all!

Let's all practise our Andy Griffith Show whistling till then!

Thanks for bringing in some sunshine, Lori.