Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hello Bob,

On the subject of club membership and exclusion from activities...we would certainly welcome the opportunity for a "social membership". In fact, when we were first shopping lots/homes in this area, we were told that this would probably happen when the swim facility was complete. The swim center was a big part of our decision to buy here. There are other clubs here in Austin that offer separate memberships which often include tennis, swimming and club/spa facilities.

It is a bit awkward that our builder has asked us why we don't attend the Thursday night happy hour, saying "...everyone is there". I guess this means we aren't everyone! Which is sometimes a compliment. Interestingly, he is not a club member. Obviously, exceptions are made.

Please feel free to post any or all of this message and thanks for your thoughts.

K. Sadler


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By creating a two tiered system, i.e.: Golf club members and non-golf/non-members, the sense of community is endangered and the early believers who don't golf are penalized for their forward thinking and 'brochure belief.' In our view this is a mistake.

Discovery Land must know that existing owners can be the best salesforce for their 'product.'

At every party or get together we've been to in S.O., the buzz about Discovery has been a hot topic, and honestly, it hasn't been happy talk.

Some say that realtors have 'blacklisted' S.O. due to the difficulty of showing it to prospects. We can't confirm this, but the feeling is out there.

As Terri points out, this is the first property they bought into after it had been in process, so perhaps that changes the way they operate versus their normal model.

I welcome their use of this forum for their input and communication which I feel would go a long way toward easing some ruffled feathers. Don't know why they avoid the opportunity. Thousands of views mean that this blog has a significant reach. I would think much deeper than the relatively few sales 'tours' we've seen.

I sure hope the social center they are planning, here on the East side, is not members only, or that a social membership is offered.

Believe me, if I play golf there will be lives endangered. On the plus side, there'd be dozens of new golf balls lost and free for the picking. I don't even want to think of the atomic divots I'd leave in my trail.

We need a social membership and not at a sky-high price as there should be some reflection of its intrinsic value.

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