Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Gotcha! I have been told the Christmas lights will come off the East Gate House and burnt out floodlight bulbs will be replaced at that time (the ones that have turned the mailbox area into some shadow world.) Also I read that all those workers who park between the wooden fences and the building envelope will have their builders fined, and the builders will also have to re-flora-size (my term) what they turn into tire tracks.

Isn't that dull?

What can I tell you? There's been little news and no contributions of material to the site lately. Things ARE greening up... not news, but nice to see!

Today I counted 16 vultures riding the wind and... circling something? "Oooo ooo Scary, boys and girls. Very scary." (*Count Floyd, SCTV.)

Tout Fishing in America: We use ABC Pest control services and their rep/agent/debugger RICHARD is a joy. He cares a lot. I find that rare, in my experience. In Houston (The Woodlands), we always had a different guy each visit (same company - not ABC.) They all had facial ticks or twitches and swore the chemicals were safe. If you go with ABC, ask for RICHARD as your guy.

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