Thursday, March 30, 2006


I had posed some questions of Pam. Here is her reply (along with my queries synopsized).

Sprinklers in one area were on all day while it rained.
Re: the sprinklers, the rain sensors malfunctioned and were being checked out yesterday. However, due to the rain we've had and what we expect, the irrigation has been turned off for this week and probably next week.

Realtors unable to access area?
Per the access control policy I sent out to all owners in February, there is no problem with realtors getting in to Spanish Oaks, as long as we are notified of a showing. The Board has adopted a policy that open houses may only be held on a "by invitation" basis; this is to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood so that we don't have 200 or more "tire kickers" in Spanish Oaks every Sunday afternoon. By and large, anyone looking for property in this price range isn't going to be out visiting open houses on Sunday afternoon.

Muddy streets.
Discovery is still paying for street cleaning, and I'm sure it will be done next week once the rains have stopped for awhile.

What is the mechanism by which our homeowner rep on the board interfaces with them and HOA?
Donald will be interfacing with me on a daily basis, and with the Board periodically. He is more than willing to take calls from homeowners to discuss their issues, and has already begun to receive same.

I just mailed out quarterly billings, and included a kind of "update letter" with it, so that should cover most questions.

Hope this addresses your concerns, but don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions.


Thanks to Pam for the clarifications and details.

And from her Letter To Homeowners:

East Gate (side) landscape improvements to begin.
Indeed, there are several areas on the Club Blvd which look like something is underway.

Park work to begin in 30 to 45 days.
Wonder what they have in mind? Certainly some of these islands have been impacted by construction, esp. trucks.

Supply your data for the homeowners directory.

Foundation for West Side Guard House will be poured next week.

And Pam says she's planning some events for Spring and Summer. This makes it appear that there might be something possible for all, not just golf club members.

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