Tuesday, February 21, 2006


A very nice slide show of development was in our inbox upon return home. Happy to see that Discovery has finally decided to try to turn some positive vibe their way. You can tell they are very much into Golf - after all - they 'do' premium upscale GOLF communities. Maybe that's why so little effort has seemingly been placed on other things so far.

Also good to note that several items (debris, mainly) I previously listed have been taken care of, or appear to be in the works.

It does seem that compared to the West entrance, the East side has been somewhat neglected so far, but we'll see what the next little while brings.

The run down white boards on the cattle pen/field look terrible on our entrance. I realize it's not Spanish Oaks property, but why would any property owner refuse an offer of new ones?

... and have you noticed the land clearing for the apartment complex on this side of SH71? It's a biggie!

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