Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Open Spec House Weekend

From Tim Sabo:

Newsflash for blog...

There will be a big open house for all these spec homes in Spanish Oaks on Sunday the 26th.

This is important as some "momentum " is needed to get the Spanish Oaks buzz going (and some houses selling.)

Please spread the word and we'll see how the local economy is affecting this community.

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Anonymous said...

"Gee, Lookit all the turf!!!"

"We like to think of it as practise greens."

"But what about preserving nature?"

"Now OVER HERE is our Christmas Light display on the Guard house and Mail area. The kiddies really love it when we turn these on!"

"But Christmas was months ago."

"At Spanish Oaks, Christmas lives in OUR hearts 365 days a year!"

"Hey, there seems to be a lot of trash in these ditches and such..."

"That's our Spanish Oaks recycling project, turning debris into that natural look you mentioned. It just takes time."