Saturday, February 04, 2006


Since Discovery Land came in on this development, we see little if any change in the following areas: If you feel differently, please add your comment.

1- Trashy worksites.

As I write this there are three homes in construction or just finished at the bottom of our street (Overlook Pass) - one, now occupied, has a large pile of trash on the front (street side) of the property. The trash has been there for at least a week.

The house across the street from that has trash scattered all over the lot - oh - sorry - "the building envelope." They also have a loaded dumpster.

The third home passes muster.

2- Christmas lights.

They're still up at the guard house. Or maybe it's being converted into a cheap restaurant.

2a - Lights

At the guardhouse are still on in some daylight hours. Last we heard someone was looking into that.* Just like someone was "looking into" which state reps to contact (for a year, since last HOA meeting in 2004) about Rt 71 - I looked them up in 30 minutes and posted.

3 - East Gate Mailbox area

Is just ridiculously dirty. Filthy. In this premium community? WAY out of place. This was brought up in our meeting. Why hasn't there been action?

What bothers me most are the resassurances we've been receiving that someone in authority rides the property to notice such things. If noticed, action takes WAY too long. If UNNOTICED there's simply no excuse.

Unless I read the "room" wrong, which I admit IS possible, I think Discovery Land needs to understand the low regard they have placed themselves in, due to their lack of communication and apparent inaction. Yes, the lot prices went up. That means nothing to someone who plans no sale, to stay here. Their stewardship is 1) lacking and 2) disappointing. And assessments went up. Yet it seems like there is LESS attention and ROI on that money now!

Personally I can wait for a fishing hole. I can wait for new offices. I can't wait for a filthy mailbox area to be cleaned or attention to normal detail which is sadly missing here in our slice of paradise.

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