Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm a ROADRUNNER, baby....

Post by Michael Reilly, Builder/Owner of Reagan Reilly Luxury Estates

For the last 2.5 years, a family of road runners has been visiting our Spanish Oaks job sites up on La Barzola Bend. The birds live somewhere in the hilltop park directly across the street from two of our homes. I literally see these road runners almost every time I go to work. They hang out in the park and the adjacent lots and really seem curious about all the construction activity. On a couple of occasions, I’ve actually caught the birds inside our homes wandering around and just checking things out. Today, I took a camera to work to take some photos of our new home and saw the birds cruising around the job site as usual. I was able to get some pictures and I’ve included a couple of the bird photos below. So, if you’re ever walking near La Barzola, visit the Road Runner Park by going up the trail along Terramundi Terrace. Let me know if you see the birds.

For additional information on road runners, I found this cool desert website:

- Michael Reilly

Ed note: We also have a regular Roadrunner here on Overlook Pass. I didn't realize they could fly (at least short distances) till I saw it happen. Thanks, Mike! Now if we could get some pictures of the giant OWL and FOX that have been spotted.

Roadrunner on Overlook Pass in spring

Wascally Wabbit from Overlook Pass last spring

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