Sunday, September 06, 2009


There are some locals who believe the development is going downhill. Here's recent evidence. To be blunt, this would have to be put to the issues of:

It flat out stinks, and our HOA "rep" had to be goaded into holding a meeting (next week) with anyone who still cares, as he's the opposite of communicative or proactive. His term is without limits?

The board communicates as if in their ivory tower. You have to ask yourself if they even visit? Our HOA manager, Pam Chandler, is likely hamstrung by their inaction or by gag order. TIMELY responses and fixes are woefully lacking. Priorities can't be those of everyone with an 'issue' but better - much better - communication would pull us all together and feel that there are wise and concerned hands on the helm.

Striping the east entrance road as a safety measure was promised asap back at the annual meeting... just an example.

What resources exist are a mystery. We apparently have no maintenance. Drought and water conservation have seemingly infused our buffalo grass common areas with many weeds.

We have at lease several WHITE houses (an EARTH TONE?) - more sweeps of non-natural turfgrass, and now - we hope! temporary - an asphalt driveway.


Write any definition of management you wish - perhaps behind the scenes it's a well-oiled machine, but to the owners who have invested, it's not at all obvious that proper attention is being paid.

And here's a sobering thought/question: how many of Discovery properties around the US have had their HOAs turned to the owners? As it stands now, I can't imagine how far off in the future THAT will happen here, if ever. Which means the status quo is one we seem to face for a long, long time.

One example (this is a followup to the post one post below):

Some truck leaked what looks like oil or tar over our roadway (SO BLVD) and drove over the sidewalk pavers. The stream goes as far at Highway 71. Workers were attempting to clean it Friday. Has someone tried to trace this back to the source to make them clean it up? Or was this their effort?

Here's a picture of the missing rock referenced in the post below. It was dragged away by a truck, and never replaced. This is a very visible spot in a multi-multi million dollar development.

Now, as recently as Friday, another rock has been dragged. If the first rock (apparently ineffectual, by the way, as it was there to prevent trucks from riding up over the circle) wasn't ever replaced with another rock to hide the gouge, then what can we expect here? It's now proven they don't work. Can we expect a cleanup/solution? When?

Here's the 'cleaned' area on the 'sidewalk' of the circle - the street doesn't appear to be touched. Is that IT? (Ref: bad communication; resources; management.)

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