Friday, September 04, 2009


Don't know what it is - some truck managed to leave a pretty good stream of black liquid onto the east side traffic circle and then down the road to Highway 71. They even drove over the pavers at the circle.

In an unusually quick response (days, instead of weeks or months or longer - as in the promised east entrance striping) Discovery apparently has a crew trying to get it up - at least on the pavers. I stopped and chatted with the guy who seemed to be in charge. "We're trying acetone," he said... "do you have any idea what would work?" I suggested a pressure washer.

You can see that the offending truck tried to beat the radius of the turn and that's when it drove over the pavers. Once upon a time we were told that circle would be redone to accommodate larger trucks which find the radius too tight. And that was... years ago?

Looking at the circle, they have never replaced the boulder that was dragged away under another truck (leaving a gouge) what seems like a long time ago. It was one of three, in place to try to stop trucks from going up on the pavers. A grass patch would at least spiff that up.

You have to wonder if, for the LIVESTRONG open houses this fall, perhaps some work will finally be attended to? Yes, the economy has faltered, and that must surely have affected projections for sales at S.O. - but at some point the weeds and other things which need attention accelerate the spiral down, and cost more in the long run.

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