Friday, September 18, 2009


In reply to the road cleanup issues several posts below, Pam Chandler writes, "I've received several calls concerning an oil spill on the Boulevard, running from the east entrance all the way back to Krause Lane. We do know the guilty party, and they will be cleaning up the spill, as well as moving the large boulder at the roundabout that the same truck moved."

Also, re the striping: "On Monday, 9/21, our paving contractor will be on-site to do striping work. They will be re-striping at the east entrance near Hwy. 71, will be painting a double yellow stripe on the bridge at the east entry, and will be re-striping the double yellow stripe on the west side bridge. Please watch out for workers and traffic control cones when coming and going on Monday. In the event we are "rained out", the work will be done on Tuesday, 9/22"

This will, we hope, keep people more alert about where on the bridge and entry they actually ARE, as in, in your lane coming toward you!

And about Highway 71: "The project is now slated to start sometime in January. The work will begin with the widening of the road and bridge, and we should anticipate that only one lane in each direction on Hwy. 71 will be open during this project."

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