Saturday, March 29, 2008


Pretty heavy duty stuff but a truck probably ran over it exposing the shield. Of course this is on rock, so they'd have some work to circumvent it.

This is my favorite, because for months the box was wide open! If you were ever a ten year old boy, you know the magnetism of an open box of 'stuff' - heck, once we found an unlocked traffic control box. Imagine the fun!

Well, there may or may not be any harmful voltage or amps in there, but the door swung open for months before someone closed it. However, they had this nasty cable to route. Nicely done.

More cable susceptible to whatever comes along. Did you know a new york rat can eat through concrete?

It's not that hard to find above ground cables in S.O. I assume these are TW, or somebody could conceivably do a dance with Mister Amp. Does anybody inspect this place with an eye for these things which are all too obvious and allowed to stand for YEARS?

(These are on Musket Rim - an early part of the development, so they've been there for at least three years.)

(Aside to "anonymous" who thinks I am pulling down the value of the homes by pointing these things out: this is reality.)

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