Thursday, March 06, 2008


I happened on the scene shortly after it must have taken place. At least two pickups were in the woods across the roadway from the east entrance to S.O., actually off of 71. It appears there's a bit of embankment there - not much was visible, though at least one of the trucks was damaged heavily. Firetrucks and ambulances were there or on the way. Don't know what my phone picked up, but here's what I got:


Anonymous said...

This was me in this wreck. Until these I have had not seen any pictures or articles involving it. My truck was truck #2 and it took a while before the paramedics and fire dept to arrive to help me. I'm interested in how many more accidents similar to mine have happened here or near here. I survived, barely, am in a neck/chest halo and broke every major bone in my right leg. If you know of any other pictures, stories, newcasts involving this I would appreciate it.

LInda P

Bob Wood said...

Gee Linda, I know we all feel just horrible whenever anyone is injured across from the entrance. We know it's unsafe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a pseedy recovery.

Legislators puff up and declare it 'a bad thing.' But there are money issues and environmental issues. Not that I personally believe 100% or even care all that much about the obstacles. Get it fixed!

As to your question, it seems there is little coverage of these things and if you search through the blog you'll see other pictures close to where you were hit.

If you remember and care to, would you share how it happened? Maybe we can all learn a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I would say that I happened upon the scene within a couple minutes of its occurance, just as the driver of the other vehicle made his way up to the road...He was unhurt and could only relate that he was traveling westbound in the inside lane and didn't remember how he ended up off the road...While police were there almost immediately, they had to wait for EMS to show up with proper equipment...Eventually, the driver of truck #2 was extracted without the use of any machinery, but it did take a number of men to do so.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I am sorry it has taken so long to respond. I've been in recovery all this time and not much on the computer. Thank you for your well wishes, they seem to be working. It is my understanding from witnesses that the driver of veh #1 was traveling a bit faster than the rest. It was raining, he lost control of his truck and hit mine. The impact was hard enough to send me down that hill head on into a tree. The only advice that I have is what I was using myself that day. With the rain, SLOW DOWN please, keeping a larger distance between myself and the other vehicles in front/behind. No distractions i.e. cell phone. I was aware of that particular roads issues and dangers so paying closer attention to those rules has always been a must for me. I was so very lucky to survive. I've got a very long road of recovery ahead of me, but I'm alive. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones there. I'd be more than happy to be an advocate to speak up for them. Thank you again,LP