Thursday, March 20, 2008


I write a blog for the locals - as 12th or 14th into this development, we've sure seen it grow while the developers were and continue to be very weak at communication - in my opinion. This gave me the idea of a blog which would basically serve as a newspaper/ organ (ahem) for the folks who were interested or bought in. This is that blog.

Well, there's certainly some political correctness necessary, even though I've been consistent in my opinion (hey, a newspaper has opinion pages!) which centers around my perception of mismanagement in various nitpicks plus the big one - lack of info flow to owners.

So far, I am the communications person (voluntary) for the development - as such - any emails sent out must be to an opt-in list and also vetted by the bigs at the Board of Directors or their assigns. Once almost weekly, they have trickled down to almost none. Frustration builds.

This leads to an Electric Onion approach toward it all... and a new website with a title that I feel explains it all. Nothing is true. All is fair game and in the spirit of tongue deeply in cheek. See Welcome to SARCASM OAKS! The active link will be at the top right side of this site. Please come visit, add ideas, smile.


Anonymous said...

I think you should rename your blog "The Bob Wood Is A Big Asshole Fool Cause I Promote The Devaluation Of My Own Personal Home And All My Neighbors Homes And My Community Blog."

What do you think dumbass...or are you willing to sell your home for $800K?

Just my $.02

Bob Wood said...

Who cares what you think?

If you seriously believe I could devalue the homes of this mighty mighty project by one of the premium luxury home developers with a blog, then your two cents has slipped in value to a negative number. At least I put my name behind what I do, unlike you.

Nice language too. I can tell you pull up the value of YOUR surrounding properties by showing unusual class and good taste.

I wish my home would devalue - there'd be a lot less property tax.

Thanks for your opinion. Glad to see there are still some people who can take a joke so well.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would devalue the homes so I could afford one. Great neighborhood. Thanks for all the info.